hikers Courtesy of Milo Meitzner

Rapids Lake Unit Trails and Habitat Restoration Completed

The Minnesota Valley Trust has completed construction of five miles of new public trails on the expansion Refuge lands, as well as related parking lots and informational kiosks. The new trails are located on the Rapids Lake Unit of the Refuge and link up with the new Education and Visitor Center.

A major restoration of a 100 acre wetland complex on the Rapids Lake Unit was completed in 2008. The restoration required installation of two ditch plugs, using concrete mats, to restore the wetland.

Additional restoration work on the Rapids Lake Unit includes planting of hundreds of bur oak trees, removal of invasive species, prescribed burn and natural regeneration of floodplain forest.

The Trust is working in cooperation with the USFWS, Natural Resources Conservation Service of US Department of Agriculture and Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to design and complete this restoration.

For more information on selling or donating land, Contact the Minnesota Valley Trust

For more information on visiting the Rapids Lake Unit.

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