DSC6565 Paige Winebarger Appointed to the Minnesota Valley Lands, Inc. board of directors by the Trust board of directors.

Paige Winebarger

Paige is retired following a 33-year career in banking and law. She retired from Marquette Bancshares as Senior Vice President and General Counsel. Prior to joining Marquette, she served as Deputy Commissioner of Banks for the State of Minnesota. Before moving to Minnesota in 1981, she spent almost 13 years with the Federal Reserve System, including serving in the Legal Department at the Board of Governors in Washington, D. C.
She has served in leadership positions on numerous nonprofit boards including The Nature Conservancy, Freshwater Society, and Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

Paige is currently a Citizen Member of the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources, and has served on the Environmental Quality Board, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Board and the Minnesota Forest Resources Council.

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