DSC6417 Lois Norrgard

Lois Norrgard

Lois Norrgard has been in the environmental advocacy field for over 12 years. Her present position is with Alaska Wilderness League as the Upper Midwest  Field Office, grassroots organizing in the States of  Minnesota, Iowa, and North Dakota and South Dakota.  Previously, she worked as the regional Organizer for  American Lands Alliance, focusing on federal forest  protection, and lobbied for Audubon Minnesota  advocating at the state level for policies to  protect birds and other wildlife habitat.

Lois holds a number of positions on various boards  and committees for partner organizations focused on
conservation policy and land preservation in  Minnesota. Before moving to the environmental  field, Lois was one of five partners in a start-up  venture, Spectra Images Inc., a presentation  graphics service bureau in downtown Minneapolis. Her  education was in the arts and graphics field at the  campus now known as Minneapolis Community and Technical College (MCTC).

Please visit us at Audubon Minnesota, state office of the National Audubon Society.

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